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MESLIS Releases 3.3 to 3.4: Setlist extraction implemented


Setlists are very important for our customers business. Collecting societies need to have reliable information about the songs which were performed during a concert, the artists who played and who created these songs and so on. Therefore customers asked us again and again whether it is necessary to automatically crawl, extract and provide data on setlists within MESLIS. Today we are very proud to announce that we have made a first step to fulfill this strong requirement: We have just released the new Setlist Feature within MESLIS.

In case the MESLIS crawlers were able to automatically identify and extract a setlist for an event, this setlist is now shown in the event table view. The user finds the artist who performed, the songs that were played and the original artist who created the songs. The search and filter capabilities in MESLIS now provide the opportunities to search for a specific performer or a particular song title or an original artist.

The setlist data will improve the quality and increase the benefit of MESLIS leads to our customers significantly. Here is a short summary of the main new setlist features in MESLIS:

  • Column ‘Setlists’ in Event Search. Column/Field shows if setlists are available for the event.
  • New tab ‘View setlists’ in detailView with detailed information about known setlists and the datafields ‘Performer’, ‘Song title’ and ‘Original artist’
  • New filter options for ‘Event – Setlists –  Performer’,  ‘Event – Setlists – Song title’,  ‘Event – Setlists – Original artist’ in event filter options.

Picture: A setlist of an event displayed in detail view

All Setlist data will of course be handed over to the customer when a user exports selected events for further processing within the collecting society.

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