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Smart and qualified data provides the opportunity for your company to gain insights into the past, the present and the future. For this, however, it is not only mass data that is required but also experts who are able to qualify and handle these data.

We support you sustainably with our service – from data research to analysis and qualification of mass data up to the derivation of appropriate recommendations for your strategic actions – our service gives you decisive competitive advantages.

For this, we rely on our team of experienced project assistants and research experts, who are professional, efficient, flexible and individually concerned about your interests.

Web Content Extraction and Business Intelligence for your success

You want to be more then just one step ahead, increase your revenue and market coverage or improve your workflows? It is important for you to always keep an eye on the market, your members, customers and partners. You want to react quickly on market events, challenges and changes or deficit of resources. With our professional service, we provide you the competence, ressources and support you require to be in the pole position.

For your individual projects and research requirements: Our company offers the individual use of highly complex tools for Web Scraping, Crawling and Content Extraction. With this crawler technology, most digital sources (websites, social networks) can automatically be visited, their content and data automatically be extracted and analysed. After extraction, the extracted content can offline be structured, evaluated, enriched, processed and prepared for your needs. Any text, i.e. unstructured data, can be prepared and transformed for you in a structured format. Even if the total amount of data records reaches from several 10,000 to several million data records, this is daily business for deecoob.

You achieve your goals with deecoob. We provide you with data, numbers and facts for your use cases like:

  • Licensing national music events & live performances
  • Licensing shops & local businesses for using music
  • Identifying underlicensed locations, organisers and events
  • Tracking of events & live performances abroad for licensing
  • Providing data for use in customer self service portals
  • Procuring setlists / lineup for fair royalty distribution
  • Performing national / global market analysis & monitoring

Why deecoob?

Trust our over 30 years of expertise and gain the right knowledge and results from your data for your business. We offer you full service and best results, so that you have more time to focus on other parts of your business.


Planning and start working with deecoob professional services is usually possible within a few days for project setup after your first contact with us.


Even the simplest tasks of mass data collection and capturing are done by deecoob with the purpose of highest accuracy, precision and punctuality.


Planning, setup and long term services for data research, collection, evaluation, qualification and capturing of mass data are our daily business.


We monitor key performance indicators and provide comprehensive reports on quality and quantity of data as well as all work steps for each project.


A dedicated customer success manager and the team of qualified staff with deecoob supports you addressing the challenges in your business.


Requirements are complex and you demand competence: We work on a long term basis and even carry out entire outsourcings of selected workflows.

Would you like to know more about deecoob professional services? Research, analysis and qualification of mass data are important topics for you and your organization? Please contact us and arrange a personal meeting!

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