Reporting channels for information and complaints


We have implemented a whistleblower system that both our employees and third parties can use to report legal and regulatory violations. Specific information is important and can help to identify possible compliance violations and prevent future misconduct. For information on legal violations, in particular economic offences (e.g. fraud, corruption, embezzlement) and reports relating to violations of human rights (e.g. discrimination, violations of occupational health and safety measures, child or forced labour) or environmental damage, you can contact the following person confidentially – and anonymously if you wish.

Ulrike Aigner (Compliance Officer and Human Rights Officer, GEMA Legal Department / Compliance)

Rosenheimer Straße 11

81667 München

Tel: +49 89 48003 273


You can also use our whistleblower portal at, where you can submit information on possible compliance violations confidentially and anonymously if you wish. Further information can be found on the homepage of the whistleblower portal.

Our whistleblower system offers protection, is based on trust and guarantees fairness when dealing with information on possible irregularities and violations.

Please help us to uncover infringements in good time so that we can take decisive action against misconduct and avoid damage to deecoob and the companies of the GEMA Group.

Thank you for your trust and support!

Click here for the whistleblower portal: