“MESLIS©” Music-Event-System-Location-Ident-System

Leading data and service platform for the global music industry

MESLIS© is a state of the art data analytics and workflow solution for Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) worldwide. Customers receive qualified leads from MESLIS© on any live music event or background music in their country. The main targets for global CMOs using MESLIS© are:

  • Increase market coverage in case of licensing live and background music in their country significantly!
  • Increase income from licensing live and background music by at least 10% per year!
  • Establish efficient workflows for processing and licensing live and background music!

Additional purposes of MESLIS© customers cover topics like determine unlicensed events, crawl and qualify any digital data, achieve process automation, realize digital transformation, monitor and analyse any data and process.

Societies using MESLIS© achieve these targets in just a few months. The future oriented data crawling and processing solution and the professional service from deecoob contribute a crucial support to customers business development, revenue and royalties. So let´s go for it together! 

Meslis | Diagramm | Data flow

MESLIS© automatically collects and stores millions of data records on events, venues (locations) and event organisers worldwide from digital sources. Main sources for MESLIS© are epaper (PDF), websites, event calendars and social networks. The software additionally collects selected data from customers databases (collecting society) for data matching. Data processing with MESLIS© mainly consist of the steps collecting, verifying, matching, filtering, classifying, clustering, ranking and scoring the data. After automatic processing MESLIS© presents the pre qualified data records as leads for further processing to research specialists at the collecting society.

Customers use MESLIS© either as Data-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service: 

    • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS): Use MESLIS leads via customized API for lead processing in your CRM-System or
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Use MESLIS user interface as web based application for lead processing.

The software in addition produces automatically proof of evidence (e.g. screenshot, log data) and transfers it into customers digital archive systems.

Meslis | Diagramm | Active Learning

MESLIS workflow consist of two parts: automatic processing and manual qualification. The overall purpose of MESLIS© is a maximum grade of automation and scalability to achieve highest quantity and quality of data for our customers. The very efficient and automated event research & licence validation workflow of MESLIS© combines state of the art methods and tools for text mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The following characteristics distinguish MESLIS© from other big data applications:

  • Delivering most relevant leads for licensing to collecting societies
  • Enabeling full coverage of markets (e.g. live music, background music, movie market)
  • Continuously improving conversion rate in case of licensing music events
  • Ensuring transparency & measurability of any data and performance to customers.

MESLIS© converts unstructured mass data from publicly available digital sources into structured knowledge by extracting useful information out of noisy data. The result of automatic data processing with MESLIS© are qualified leads provided to collecting societies with a specific score. The rank of the respective score describes the relevance of every single data record for the customer and for licensing.

Meslis | Diagramm | WebApp | Manual processing

Pre qualified leads are presented to research professionals according to their respective score as primary or secondary records for further processing. The research professionals execute the manual workflow of MESLIS© for data search, data selection and data qualification. Depending on their particular focus, they have at least the following different opportunities for searching, finding and chosing data for further qualification and processing:

  • process leads with highest score first
  • search and process all events of a specific location
  • search and process certain type of events
  • search and process all events of a specific organiser
  • search and process events in certain geo area
  • search and process events in certain branches

Research professionals can either work with the MESLIS Client (SaaS scenario) or in their own CRM-System (DaaS scenario). The origin of data (epaper, Facebook, website, event calender) does not cause any difference for processing. All data from several sources is validated in just one app! Examples of user interface from MESLIS© are shown below as screenshots.

Ergonomic User Client, efficient Workflows and Dashboards for monitoring and data analysis!

Meslis | Screenshot | dashboard |

Facts and figures about MESLIS©:

MESLIS© is a sophisticated product for collecting societies: The application and workflow contains deecoobs more then 20 years of experience with copyright protection and collecting societies.

  • MESLIS© delivers qualified data on events like name, date, time, entrance fee, music use
  • MESLIS© delivers qualified data on venues like name, city, street, number, zip code, people, rooms

MESLIS© is our product to support collecting societies increasing revenue through licensing live music and background music.

This is how MESLIS© identifies most relevant leads for just one country (example): More then 30.000.000 data records and proof of evidence on music events, locations and organisers in this country are continuously stored and processed, > 500.000 social network pages and > 100.000 websites are crawled and processed per month > 7.000 newspapers are downloaded and processed per month, > 1.500.000 locations, > 2.000.000 organisers, > 10.000.000 events are constantly observed. The result is: More then 50.000 events are validated every month as highly relevant and out of this > 10.000 records are qualified as licence incidents.

MESLIS© Customers – Global Collective Management Organisations:


“As GEMA, we act on behalf of our members in trusteeship and try to achieve a high market penetration and market control as part of our licensing activities. As part of the Music Notification Service, deecoob supports us with MESLIS© in the digital research of music usage. deecoob is a technological partner who uses a future-oriented software for us”

Christian Seitz, Director Licensing

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