Automation, digitalisation and Customer Self Services

MESLIS Platform is your gate into the 21st century


CMOs achieve 10% more revenue with MESLIS

MESLIS is a global search engine which delivers pre-qualified leads for CMOs licensing business. The Cloud Service automatically identifies events, locations, organizers, artists and setlists worldwide. Due to geographic spread and fragmentation, many small events and locations per country are currently not licensed. MESLIS fills this gap by providing data for currently unknown events and locations. This adds up to an average rincrease of revenue of 10% per year.

Supporting licensing as high volume business

CMOs experiencing high expectation from their members. Copyright owners, artists and labels demand their CMO to license every single use of copyright protected works. Sales teams must work as efficient as possible. They need MESLIS as pipline of constantly incoming qualified leads to license music events, concerts, festivals, shops and local businesses. MESLIS automatically matches incoming data with CMOs data to focus on unlicensed leads. With MESLIS sales reps concentrate on big fishes in the pond without letting the many small fishes get away.

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One-Click-Licence – key to higher performance

Offering customer self service is essential as modern organisation to cope with the large volume especially in relation to licensing the many thousend small events. MESLIS supports a fully automated licensing solution directly to customers on behalf of the CMO. Just imagine: MESLIS identifies event details, checks plausibility, provides all the data in CMOs Online Portal, an email is automatically send to the event organiser, inviting him to login to the online portal and approve everything for proper licensing. We are sure you and your customers will love it.

Procure setlists for fair royalty distribution

As a CMO you need reliable Setlists for concerts or festivals. Setlists provide you names of performing artists, performed song titles, original artists and whether the song was covered. MESLIS acquires and provides setlists with all related event, location and organiser data to you. Often it is necessary to extract additional lineup details, performing DJs, entrance fees, number of attendees and more details from the event. With all this the CMO is able to match artists and works with repertoire database, calculate the correct royalties and shares for all copyright owners and distribute royalties to all copyright owners soon after the work was played.


Data Crawling

We collect and provide the exact data you require from the internet and other digital sources. We run highly complex web and social network crawlers that find, collect and store mass data from several sources simultaneously. Our software deecoob insight and our experts analyze, qualify, process and interpret these data for you. Stay up to date with market development.

Data Analytics

We help you collect, analyze, aggregate and standardize the exact data you require from internal applications, databases and other digital sources. We analyze the data, find similarities, patterns, cluster, relationships, duplicates or other important characteristics. You make valuable strategic decisions based on facts and figures we provide you with.