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Copyright Observation

You want to determine misuse, unauthorized use or inadequate financial compensation for the use of copyright protected works? Applying control pressure on commercial user of copyright protected works is important to you? You intend to evaluate additional sources of revenue? We provide you with qualified mass data, professional advice and even proof of evidence.

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Content Exploration

Blogposts, comments, ratings are an ongoing online communication. You are not able to cope with the speed or control it? People anonymously spread fake news or virulant postings. We help you to monitor this, accomplish your values and maintain your image. With data and proof of deecoob insight, you are able to file a complaint against such inappropriate and false statements.

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Market Monitoring

We assist you by permanently keeping an eye on the market, your customers, competitors, suppliers or partners. No trend or development on the market will be lost to you. You will allways be at least one step ahead. Development of your company, products or services need to be based on facts and figures – we collect, interpret and provide them for you.

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Reputation Reporting

We provide you with a permanent summary about the image of your company, products or services in digital media. We find out what is being discussed about your company in blogs or social networks, by whom and how. We find positive / negative posts for you. You keep in touch with your customers and manage a lasting positive image of your business.

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Data Crawling

We collect and provide the exact data you require from the internet and other digital sources. We run highly complex web and social network crawlers that find, collect and store mass data from several sources simultaneously. Our software deecoob insight and our experts analyze, qualify, process and interpret these data for you. Stay up to date with market development.

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Data Analytics

We help you collect, analyze, aggregate and standardize the exact data you require from internal applications, databases and other digital sources. We analyze the data, find similarities, patterns, cluster, relationships, duplicates or other important characteristics. You make valuable strategic decisions based on facts and figures we provide you with.

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