deecoob – that’s us.

OUR VISION: We develop MESLIS, the leading data and transaction platform for the players of the music industry to monetize their creative work using innovative technologies and outstanding services. At deecoob, the best talents come together and work passionately in cross-functional teams to establish products and services for our customers worldwide.

We work every day to make players of the music industry successful and to monetize the creative work of music creators.

OUR MISSION: Our ambition is to provide great customer satisfaction and high customer value. We achieve this through our excellent quality of service, unique data, tools we develop and provide as well as optimal productivity for our customers and our company. This is how we demonstrate that we appreciate and promote the value of music and culture.

We are flexible

Our smart data platform and our data service have been successfully applied over years. We offer solutions for individual demand and start working with you without losing any time.

We are communicative

Developing ideas together, meeting at eye level, working out strategies in teams; we have an open dialogue with our customers – from the very beginning.

We go new ways

Customer requirements are demanding. We often leave familiar paths in order to find innovative solutions and develop new business models.

We live our job

We are proud and passionate in everything, we do. Long-term and sustainable work for you is important to us. That is why we are only satisfied when you are.


Matthias Friedrich

Business Development, IT and Product Development

Claudia Manicke

Professional Service

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