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MESLIS Release 3.10: New Meta-Feature-Relevance Classifier


MESLIS is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The implemented technologies and algorithms enable an automatic assessmend of certain characteristics of the entities (events, locations, organizers, artists) in MESLIS. As a result, these assessmends provide scores, tags, classifications and rankings for every single data record. Licensing and research professionals among MESLIS users apply these classifications to efficiently find the right data records they are searching for. Our aspiration is to continuously improve and extend these AI / ML features in MESLIS for our customers. Today we released a brand new Meta-Feature-Relevance Classifier for MESLIS. Read more about our new MESLIS Release.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights:

  • Table View and Detail View are now showing all identified organizers of an event
  • Improved view “Organizer-Categories”
  • Imrpoved display of multiple entries in data fields „Organizer – Emails“, „Organizer – Phone numbers“ and „Organizer – Websites“
  • Added new fields and filter capabilities for “Event – Cancelled” and “Event – Location equals Organizer”
  • Implemented an additional security check for LDAP-Login
  • Several bugfixes
MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights:
  • New workflow for classifying event tags and relevance of events – new Meta-Feature-Relevance Classifier
  • The new classifier now considers much more characteristics for classification (i.e. Lineup, type of location, etc.).
  • New matching strategy for matching Customer Locations & Organizers via Commercial ID
  • New jobs for cleaning up duplicated locations & organizers
  • Line-up extraction now works correctly again for events coming from other websites (not Facebook)

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