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MESLIS Release 3.9.1/3.9.2: Choose leaflet when exporting


MESLIS leaflets are quite similar to watch lists, shelfs, baskets or even shopping cards when online shopping. Licensing and research professionals from our customers use leaflets in MESLIS to put selected events on, watch those events, share them with colleagues and finaly export them for their licensing business. Leaflets is a very important feature in MESLIS for an efficient licensing workflow. The new MESLIS release provides some extended features for leaflets, e.g. choose target leaflet for exports or extend total number of personal leaflets up to 50. Here is a short list of new features coming out with the new MESLIS release.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights:

  • Added the possibility to set a target leaflet when exporting events
  • Increased number of possible leaflets: Up to 50 leaflets can now be created and used
  • Unified ordering in “My Searches” and “My Selections”
  • Improved performance, when browsing and querying leaflets
  • Addressed smaller UI issues and added some tooltips
  • Fixed: Quick filters were not applied correctly when filtering for leaflets
  • Fixed: Event count was not updated when using leaflet boxes
  • Fixed: A filter option was not set, when loading searches
  • Removed an additional scrollbar in event detail view

MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights:

  • Performance optimization for event and location search (optimization of queries to Elasticsearch and reduction of index size).
  • Added filtering and sorting for fields “IsCancelled” and “IsLocationSameAsOrganizer” for MESLIS WebApp event search.
  • New workflow for event tags implemented with new MESLIS Event Tagger Service.
  • Workflow for “Unmerging” of locations and organizers added.
  • Customer location and organizer matching has been improved.
  • Line Up recognition has been improved.
  • Some bugfixing.

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