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MESLIS Release 4.0: Merge events from multiple sources


MESLIS uses different sources like Social Networks, Websites, Event Calenders, ePaper, etc. for data crawling on events, locations, organizers and artists. The number of sources MESLIS crawles increases continuously. Every new source holds the risk of crawling data on events and other entities that already exist in MESLIS. Our customers are only interested to receive one (not many) data record for a particular event or a specific location. But they are also interested to get fully qualified data records with as much data as possible. With the new MESLIS Release we now introduce a new automatic merging workflow. This workflow automatically identifies and merges all events describing one and the same event to one merged event. The workflow also automatically enriches data that is missing on a particular event coming from one source but is available for this event from another source. Please find some more exciting new MESLIS features.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights:

  • Introducing merged events which can be created from multiple event advertisements
  • Updating detail view to shows all different ads for a merged event
  • Adding a field and filter “Event – Number of Advertisements”
  • Adding new filter option “contains only” for filters “Event – Artist name”, Events – Setlists” and “Event – Lineup”
  • Newly created export archives contain an additional .csv and .xlsx file for events with end date
  • Added a new filter option for “Event – End date”
  • Improved filter query for better handling search terms with hyphens
  • Added possibility to use quotation marks for phrases in search queries
  • Several bugfixes
MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights:
  • New entity and new worlflow for Merged Events
    • Introduced an automatic workflow for merging and unmerging events. All newly crawled events are checked whether they belong to an already existing event. If so, the two or more events are merged to a merged event but all single events remain in MESLIS and are shown in addition to the merged one.
    • Number of duplicate or multiple events in MESLIS will decrease significantly.
    • The quality and reliability of merged events will be improved continuously.
    • Alle merged events will have their own unique MESLIS ID.
  • Export of event data has been adjusted
    • Export zip-file now contains more Excel files, e.g. one with consolidated data for events spreading over more than one day.
    • All pdf-files belonging to one merged event are merged to one pdf document
  • Added field “Event – Number of Advertisements” for filtering and sorting in MESLIS WebApp
  • Added possibility to filter for field “Event – End date”
  • Implemented case-insensitive filter for a “Strict Search” for events
  • Improved search funtionality for searches with “minus” and “quotation marks”
    • e.g. search for “drive-in” will only provide results with “drive in” in the given order
    • e.g. search for “sommerfest berlin” will only provide those results where both words are included.

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