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MESLIS Release 4.1: Name and tag of leaflets can be changed


Using MESLIS Leaflets becomes more and more popular among MESLIS Users. This feature supports licensing and research professionals and their teams to collaborate when searching, selecting and processing relevant data on events, locations, organisers and artists. We recently introduced the new oppotunity in MESLIS to create and use up to 50 leaflets per user. Many users where happy about this extension. But they also required the opportunity to change the name of an existing leaflet or provide a new tag to such a leaflet. This feature and some more (read below) are now shipped with our new MESLIS release.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights

  • Revised input field for keyword filter including blocks for more versatile search queries
  • Name and Tag of Leaflets can be edited
  • Added data field filter for “Event – Advertisement IDs”
  • Bugfix: The action button on Detail View is available again regardless of being in “Search” step or “Select” step.
  • Several smaller bug fixes and UI adjustments

MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights

  • Added new data filter “Event – Advertisement ID” for events searches in MESLIS WebApp.
  • Fixed problem that some event were lost when there were duplicates.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicates were created when unmerging events. All duplicates have been cleaned up.
  • Fixed issue that the order of merging data for Locations & Organizers was wrong.

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