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MESLIS Release 4.2: Data on Livestream Events available


The global event and music industrie suffers very much from COVID-19 Pandemic because of many restrictions and lockdowns. Almost no concerts, festivals or other public and life performances are taking place many locations are even temporarily closed. This leads to a significant decrease of revenue from licensing for our customers – Collective Management Organisations (CMO). There is one segment which develops quite rapidly during the Corona crisis: Online and Livestream Events. Our clients asked us whether it is possible to provide data on these events in MESLIS as well for their licensing business. We adjusted and implemented all required features within just a couple of weeks to satisfy this need as soon as possible for our clients. Today we shipped a new MESLIS release providing the new Livestream Events features and some other improvments, see below.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights

  • Saved searches can now be shared with other users
  • List of leaflets in views “Select” and “Process” can be collapsed and sorted
  • Applied style for quick filters in “Select” select step of “Search Locations”

MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights

  • Introduced crawling, extracting and providing Livestream Events in MESLIS
    • Events which only take place online (Livestreaming Events) are now also imported and displayed in MESLIS WebApp. Currently only events from other websites (no Facebook) are generated and imported. Facebook Livestream events will be included in the next release.
    • The events have all usual data as all the other events in MESLIS, except the location always has the name Virtual Location and the country Online. The first events are already available in MESLIS WebApp, the number will increase rapidly during upcoming weeks.
    • All event advertisments descibing the same online event will later also be merged like all other events.
  • Added new Location Customer Matching Strategy required by a specific MESLIS client
    • Customer required a location matching only based on location addresses but not based on the name of locations. We chaecked this in a Proof of Concept. The results looked good so we implemented this individual matching for this particular client.
  • MESLIS scraping now selects all categories available from selected sources
  • Some bugfixing in context of recurring events and content extraction from websites.
  • Added some additional data fileds to MESLIS API for data transfer from MESLIS to customers CRM or data base.
  • Implemented first version of Organizer Search which will soon be available in MESLIS WebApp with Release 5.0.
  • Added Organizer matching for organizers without address data.

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