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MESLIS Release 5.0: Introducing Organizer Search


We started MESLIS WebApp in 2018 with a Search Events feature as main use case for our clients. It very soon became clear that different customers have different starting points and apply different workflows for their licensing business. Some customers asked us whether it is possible to also have a Search Location feature in addition to the existing Search Events feature. So we implemented this in MESLIS WebApp in 2020. Others prefer to start searching for organizers and once they have identified relevant organizers receive all events and locations for these organizers in a second step. Today we shipped our brand new feature “Organizer Search” in MESLIS. Please find some details about our current release.

MESLIS Organizer Search enables users to search all relevant organizers according to criteria like name, address, country, category, email, phone number and some other data fields. As for all the other searches in MESLIS Organizer Search also provides the opportunity to combine different search and filter capabilities to easily reduce the total number of some million organizers done to the very few that are relevant for the particular user and his or her business purposses.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights

  • Adding Organizer Search
  • Table columns in “My Searches” and “My Selections” can be sorted now
  • UI improvements and bug fixes

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