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MESLIS Release 5.1: Crawling more Livestream Events


Crawling, extracting, processing and providing data on Livestream Events or Online Events becomes more and more important to our customers and their licensing business. Specifically during the COVID-19 Pandemic while all the restrictions and lockdowns are in place online events are the only opportunity for most artists to perform their music at all. So this kind of live performances is currently developing quite fast. Existing plattforms continuously increase the number of events and quite a few new plattforms emerge worldwide. With the current release of MESLIS we added more digital source for crawling and extracting all required data on those Livestream Events worldwide. Please find a short list of new features, functions and fixes we shipped today.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights

  • Revised resizing of table columns
  • Added notifications when saved queries were shared or unshared
  • Revised notifications when leaflets were shared or unshared
  • Several bugfixes and improvements

MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights

  • Added new digital sources for crawling, processing and providing data on additional Livestream Events in MESLIS.
  • Added realtime synchronization of Facebook Pages or Google Places with Merged Locations/ Organizers in MESLIS. When a Facebook Page or Google Place is added or updated in MESLIS, unmerging and merging will now be performed immediately afterwards. This will lead to even more up-to-date and more complete data in MESLIS WebApp for our customers.
  • Integrated new Performer Detection Service in MESLIS Backend. MESLIS is currently only logging the according data for further evaluation. There will be more news and details about this to come in the near future.
  • Added more data fields for better matching between MESLIS and customer Locations, Organizers und Events.

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