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MESLIS Release 5.2: Merge PDFs for multiple event ads


The total number of digital sources for data crawling with MESLIS increases continuously. In some cases this provides data from different event advertisements all refering to one single event. The advantage for our customers is, MESLIS enriches the data that is missing in one source but available in another source. In the end the system merges the advertisements to one master data set which has a much higher quality as all the single event advertisements. With the current release we extended the merging feature to also merge all PDF Screenshots from all single event advertisements to one master PDF document. See below a list of some additional features which we just shipped with the new MESLIS release.

MESLIS WebApp Release – Highlights

  • Added the possibility to sort for multiple columns holding down the CTRL key in table views „Search Events“, „Search Locations“ and „Search Organizers“
  • The enabled/disabled state will now be stored in saved searches
  • Optimised search results for events per year in “Search Locations” and “Search Organizers”
  • Optimised ordering for field “category” in “Search Organizers”
  • Added method „getPdfForEventAdvertisement“ in MESLIS event API to download merged pdf´s for an event that contains multiple event ads from different digital sources.

MESLIS Backend Release – Highlights

  • Implemented backend features to enable new frontend possibility to sort for multiple columns.
  • Implemented new method to merge all pdf’s fom multiple event ads which all refer to one event.

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