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MESLIS Release 3.5: Customer selfservice introduced


The last Release in 2020 again marks a large footprint in the short history of MESLIS: We introduced a new customer self service in MESLIS. Users can now reset their password, they can use a “Change password” dialog to set their own password or just define a new one. If a user has forgotten his/her password, he/she can use the “Request a password reset” feature right at the starting page of MESLIS.

In addition to the new customer self service in the MESLIS WebApp we also made some major changes in our backend to improve the quality of the leads to our customers, these are the main topics we implemented:

  • All leads will now be continuously updated from first crawling until the event took place to make sure we have all up-to-date details on all events.
  • These update will be applied on details like Admission, location, Rating, Event Tags, Matching ans so on.
  • Every update will have an additional screenshot of the original source as proof of evidence to our customers.

We also improved event tag detection for “dj music” and “live music” event tags and expanded MESLIS content extraction to enable lead generation also from highly unstructured sources (e.g. general websites).

Content Extraction

Collect, extract, qualify, analyze mass data – Our passion is deep content observation = deecoob for customers. We not only provide pure data but deep competence and appropriate service to qualify and interpret the data – we provide answers to our clients.

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