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MESLIS #1 Data Hub for global Collecting Societies

January 29, 2020 ALL NEWS, MESLIS PUBLIC

MESLIS – Music-Event-System-Location-Ident-System – provided by deecoob – has been a huge success since we started this journey by the end of 2014. Three and a half years later, in 2018 we launched our international strategy to establish MESLIS as the #1 Data Hub for global Collecting Societies. During that year we presented MESLIS for the first time to a global audience at MIDEM 2018 – leading conference for the global music community, taking place in Cannes, France.

During the last 18 months we have been very successful providing a state of the art cloud solution and valuable licensing leads to global collecting societies. MESLIS already covers 14 different countries worldwide with more than 500 million inhabitants. Here are some remarkable statistics from MESLIS 2020.


In 2019 we achieved big steps in product development, marketing and sales of MESLIS. The main facts from the past year are:

  • launched MESLIS as cloud based WebApp for global collecting societies
  • launched product website
  • launched blog about deecoob & MESLIS on
  • launched MESLIS Channel as regular email newsletter
  • continued product development with more than ten new releases during 2019
  • connected more than 500 digital sources like social networks, websites, ticketing sites, newspapers for crawling and data extraction
  • crawled data on events, locations and organisers in 14 countries worldwide
  • performed evaluation, proof of concept, onboardings, productive provisioning for 17 collecting societies worldwide
  • provided daily access to MESLIS App and Leads for more than 200 users from global customers


The total amount of data, we provide in MESLIS to our customers and the key performance indicators MESLIS achieves are very impressive.

MESLIS – on a global scale – provides …:

  • … more than 2 Mio event locations worldwide
  • … more than 20 Mio events worldwide from 2016 up to upcoming events
  • … more than 5 Mio. events per year
  • … more than 0,215 events per inhabitant/year (i.e. 10 Mio people = 215.000 events per year)

All figures are permanently increasing since MESLIS crawling, feature extraction, content extraction and data processing goes on permanently and will even be scalled up in the near future.


MESLIS provides complex and automated content extraction, feature extraction, machine learning, self optimisation and artificial intelligence for fully qualified leads for licensing.

MESLIS does …:

  • … detect an organiser for every single event
  • … extract admission or entrance fees for 25% of all events
  • … determinate events as live, dj, background
  • … calculate music relevance – more then 50% of all events have high relevance
  • … download setlists for concerts and festivals
  • … discover more than 100.000 different artists names
  • … identifies lineup data for events
  • … provides number of attendees for more than 75% of all events


And the Story will go on during the coming years! Please stay curious and receive all future information on new releases, new features and functions, new customers or other occasions first hand via our mailing list.


Are you interested? You want to learn more about MESLIS? You want to evaluate the potential use of MESLIS in your organization for your business? Please send us a request on this with our contact form and we will come back to you immediately.

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