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MESLIS Cloud Migration – KickOff Event

June 22, 2023 ALL NEWS, allgemein, CULTURE & PUBLIC, MESLIS PUBLIC

MESLIS Cloud Migration – KickOff Event on 21st June 2023 in Dresden marked an exhilarating day for our company and our product: We invited all IT and Business Development teams from deecoob and our partners to have a joint workshop. Around 40 people met for this one day deep dive event at the ImpactHub Dresden. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest trends and best practices in cloud migration, on cloud technologies and to network with deecoob and our partners Google, IT4IPM and Cloudpilots. The event served as a platform for collaboration, learning, and inspiration.

The workshop started at 10.00 a.m. in the morning and went on until about 6.00 p.m. After the workshop, we networked, had further discussions and much fun during the evening at a joint dinner with a nice buffet and some beer and wine.

During the morning sessions, the four partners deecoob, Google, IT4IPM and Cloudpilots introduced themselves and their roles, responsibilities and tasks in our MESLIS Cloud Migration Project. In the afternoon – after a joint lunch – various technical topics were covered in breakout sessions. We invited highly specialised technical experts as speakers for those technical sessions.

Let us delve into the highlights of this extraordinary event and explore the technological marvels that captivated attendees.

Keynote Addresses: Setting the Tone and explaining the motivation for MESLIS Cloud Migration with an electrifying keynote address delivered by Matthias Friedrich, Managing Director at deecoob. He started with a short journey through general product development with some analogies to MESLIS, reflected the current status of MESLIS as monolith that will go into the GCP Cloud and layed out the targets and advantages of the Cloud Migration of MESLIS. Achieving much better and faster development, deployment and releases of MESLIS through decoupled and refactored cloud native code run in the GCP is one of the main topics for the upcoming work! Our customers will have much better data acquisition, significantly improved matching, merging, scoring, tagging and data processing in MESLIS. Not to forget about applying all the cloud opportunities of scalability, flexibility, security and usage of resources when ever required in the GCP. Dr. Markus Hähnel, AI Tech Lead at deecoob completed the keynote adress with an introduction to our new and strategic software architecture of MESLIS. This architecture will be based on eight domains and consist of microservices compared to the current monolith of MESLIS.

The keynote address was followed by the presentations of Google, IT4IPM and Cloudpilots. Kiran Kulkarni from Google started with a little journey through their story and history and some analogies to deecoob and MESLIS. Sascha Behl from IT4IPM focused his presentation on the GCP landing zone provided by IT4IPM as cloud foundation and infrastructure for deecoob and other third party customers. He gave important insights to topics like Cloud Resource Manager, VPC Structure, On-Prem/Internet Connectivity, Firewall, DNS, FinOps and the highly specialised Cloud Kiosk Approach provided by IT4IPM. This presentation was followed by Martin Schreiter and Alan Bekoev from Cloudpilots who focused on Continuous Integration (CI) with Packaging in Bitbucket Pipelines and Continuous Deployment with GitOps for GKE.

Breakout Sessions: Deep Dives into specific cloud and GCP relelated topics were possible for our teams during several Breakout Sessions in the afternoon. Highly specialised consultands from our partners Google, IT4IPM and Cloudpilots introduced and discussed topics like:

  • Provision of resources in the cloud
  • Interoperability with Bitbucket Cloud
  • GitOps
  • VertexAI
  • FinOps via GCP Billboard
  • Desaster Recovery and
  • Powerful services which might be unknown to deecoob yet.

Panel Discussions: The panel discussion held by all four partners was focused on “Best practices for cloud budgets”. Here are some examples of questions that were raised from attendees and answered by panelists:

  • How much is an average monthly bill for the GCP?
  • Who has an eye on the GCP costs of a team?
  • What was the biggest waste of money?
  • What are the mechanisms to prevent high costs?
  • How transparent can the costs be? Who can have access to the GCP Billboard?
  • What is the order of magnitude of costs where the management starts to care about?
  • Did one already experience a malfunction of scaling to “infinity”?
  • By what did you save the most money?

Closing Session: Matthias Friedrich and Dr. Markus Hähnel used the last session to round off the whole day. Markus summarised all sessions with the different topics and technologies that were adressed. Matthias again used the opportunity to list the main target for MESLIS Cloud Migration and developed a promissing picture of the future of MESLIS and deecoob with a cloud based, innovative and scalable application, happy IT people at deecoob beeing responsible for MESLIS and successful customers working with MESLIS and deriving the highest possible value from it for their businesses.

Conclusion: MESLIS Cloud Migration – KickOff Event on 21st June 2023 in Dresden showcased a glimpse of the astonishing future awaiting us. From groundbreaking product unveilings to engaging discussions on emerging technologies, the event fostered collaboration, innovation, and inspiration. Attendees gained valuable insights and practical knowledge, opening new horizons for their professional journeys. These sessions sparked meaningful discussions, fostering a collaborative environment and encouraging participants to envision the untapped possibilities of these transformative technologies.

The intense collaborative sessions not only tested participants’ skills but also enabled them to learn from one another and form lasting connections. All attendees left the event with renewed enthusiasm, armed with newfound knowledge and connections that will undoubtedly shape the technological landscape of MESLIS and deecoob. As the sun set on this remarkable event, it was clear that the pursuit of innovation and the relentless push for technological advancement continue to define our journey into the future of our company deecoob, product MESLIS and the global music market.

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