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deecoob and Joris Bos Business Consultancy join forces on global Sales and Marketing for MESLIS


deecoob, a global leader in providing innovative cloud based data services for the global music industry, is proud to announce a new cooperation with Joris Bos Business Consultancy (JBBC) based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Elevating Business Horizons: Joris Bos Takes the Helm

Joris Bos will be responsible for further growing deecoob’s business and customer base. He will built on current customer relations with MESLIS, acquire new clients, develop and expand the business portfolio, represent deecoob and MESLIS on global music conferences as well as create and roll out a new marketing strategy. With a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur in music industry, music technology and many years on C-Level in a collective management organization, Joris brings a unique skill set that will contribute to the future growth and success of deecoob.

Powering the Music Business: deecoob provides leading licensing platform

Matthias Friedrich, Managing Director at deecoob is excited about this new cooperation: “I met Joris 2018 for the first time and followed the successful development of his company and product TRCKTrace as a market partner to deecoob and MESLIS with great interest. Now I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work together with Joris. deecoob will benefit from his high technology, business and market related experience, from his network and his reputation as successful manager in the global music industry.”

deecoob is a leading data platform and service provider for the music business. The Dresden, Germany based company provides MESLIS to Collective Management Organizations (CMOs). MESLIS crawls, extracts, qualifies and processes large amounts of data and information from digital sources for the customers. Customers receive millions of leads from MESLIS on live music events, festivals, background music and many other commercial use of copyright protected music in their country. The CMOs require the data and leads from MESLIS to increase their licensing business, achieve higher revenue, better market coverage and establish efficient workflows based on automation and digitalization. Leading CMOs like GEMA (Germany), PPL PRS (UK), STIM (Sweden), Buma/Stemra (Netherlands), IMRO (Ireland), SUISA (Switzerland), Zaiks (Poland), SABAM (Belgium) and others are working with MESLIS successfull for their business.

Joris Bos, Founder of JBBC expressed great enthusiasm about the new role: “I am honored to join deecoob as an international Business Development and Marketing Specialist. I am eager to leverage my experience and collaborate with deecoob’s team, customers and partners to drive innovation and achieve new milestones for MESLIS and deecoob in the music industry.”

The extensive entrepreneurial experience and branch specific track record from Joris include working as Commercial Director for Buma/Stemra, founding and successfully running companies like Teezir and TRCKTrace, launching and selling highly innovative technology products to monetize the use of copyright protected music. The products and services he set up supported his music industry customers achieving revenue growth by more then 25% in major European countries.

deecoob and JBBC: Empowering Music Creators Worldwide

The CMOs represent the copyrights of millions of composers, lyricists, music publishers and other rights holders from all over the world. The strategic partners deecoob and Joris Bos Business Consultancy are committed to support to grow and develop the live music market and make sure all the creators of music will receive the money they are entitled to.

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