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Swiss collecting society SUISA becomes new international customer of deecoob

February 22, 2023 ALL NEWS, allgemein, CULTURE & PUBLIC, MESLIS PUBLIC

A successful start to the year 2023 for deecoob: Swiss collecting society SUISA becomes a new international customer of deecoob. For the first time, both MESLIS – deecoob’s event crawling technology and in addition deecoob’s licensing service MNS (Music Notification Service) will be provided together for an international customer.

Starting in January 2023, deecoob took over event crawling for SUISA and simultaneously supports the Swiss collecting society in all accompanying event licensing services. SUISA is the first international collecting society to benefit from deecoob’s cloud solution MESLIS plus service package MNS. Winning SUISA as a new customer represents a multiple success for deecoob:

SUISA is deecoob’s first international client in the post-COVID era. The Swiss collecting society’s decision to choose deecoob not only demonstrates trust in the professionalism and quality of deecoob’s product and services but also signals that the event market is clearly picking up again. These are two very good signs for deecoob for the coming years.

MESLIS as the technological basis and deecoob’s MNS services will bring SUISA up to a new digital level. For the first time, an international customer will comprehensively use all deecoob offerings together: MESLIS as the leading cloud platform in event crawling and the deecoob MNS services. SUISA will be supported from deecoob’s team and location in Dresden. The deecoob team is particularly proud of the fact that communication with SUISA and their clients by deecoob staff can take place in all major national languages of Switzerland: Italian, French and German.

With SUISA, the MESLIS community gains a new important member in the group of global collecting societies. For a long time, deecoob has been scoring points with international clients as a pioneer in event crawling technology: PPL & PRS (Great Britain), IMRO (Ireland), STIM (Sweden), BUMA/STEMRA, SENA, SCAN (Netherlands) and GEMA (Germany) have been relying on deecoob for many years. The aim of the community is to become better together in the digital identification and licensing of events. This is supported by the regular meetings organized by deecoob, where experiences and information about MESLIS, data management and artificial intelligence (AI) are shared. The community-specific help desk as an extra service is also highly appreciated by the participating customers. With SUISA, the community gains a new member in the circle of international collecting societies. Thus, the exchange of experience and joint developments are further enriched.

Winning SUISA as a new international customer, another milestone has been reached to position and establish deecoob with MESLIS and the MNS services in the field of event crawling as No. 1 in its segment worldwide.

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