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MESLIS Release 3.9: Introducing a new entity and event status


Our development team has shipped a new release for MESLIS WebApp and MESLIS Backend. In this new version of our global cloud service we introduce Event Organizers as a new and independent entity. This is important, to prepare an upcoming new search capability in MESLIS: “Organizer Search”. In addition to this, we implemented a status field and filter that enables users to additionaly search, select and process events that have already been processed by another person or even been exported. Please find a list of new features and functions in MESLIS that came out today.

MESLIS WebApp with support for merged organizers, event status and the possibility to view and move previously exported, discarded and scrapped events.

Highlights of MESLIS WebApp Release 3.9:

  • Added quick filter to filter easily for event according to their status (Search Events)
  • Introduced the possibility to view and move exported, discarded and scrapped events
  • Added the filter ‘Event – Status info’ to search for events on certain leaflets (Search Events)
  • Added columns and filter for ‘Organizer – ID’, ‘Organizer – Customer IDs’ and ‘Organizer – Region’ (Search Events)

Highlights of MESLIS Backend Release:

  • New entity and workflow of (merged) Organizers:
    • Organizers which are displayed in the WebApp are now independent (seperate entity) and therefore have a unique ID.
    • Automated workflow for merging organizers and an update workflow that keeps all related events up-to-date.
    • Matching of MESLIS Organizers with customer Organizers
  • Improved version of merging Locations/Organizers:
    • Also use contact data like phone number, websites or mail addresses to merge Locations / Organizers.
  • Following fields for WebApp event search have been added:
    • Organizer – ID
    • Organizer – Customer IDs
    • Organizer – Region
    • Event – State – Therefore the field “Leaflet History” was added in the backend. This is now used to track every move of an events to leaflets.
  • More information from events will be scrapped
    • “All” available Organizers for any event will be crawled and extracted. Therefore it might be possible that there are multiple Organizers for one event. The display of all Organizers in MESLIS WebApp will be implemented in WebApp version 3.10.
    • Tags from Events like “Music”, “Dance”, “Kid Friendly”, “Free Admission” etc. will be used in future releases to improve event classifications.
    • Ticket URL
    • Official information if an event was cancelled. Will soon be available as filter in MESLIS WebApp.
  • Line-up has been improved by using information from Organizer.
    • All Organizers of an event which belong to the category band, artist or musician are now included in line-up.
  • New field for events “IsLocationSameToOrganizer” to recognize if the location and the organizer are the same. Is used for event tags and will be added as filter in WebApp 3.10.

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