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MESLIS Releases 3.1 to 3.2: Improving user experience


During the last weeks of MESLIS development we strongly focused on some minor new features, improving user experiences, users productivity and bugfixes. This period of consolidation was very good for the application and our development team after having released two major releases before: Release 2.x with Location Search and Release 3.x with Shared Leaflets. To learn more about these two features read the according blog posts. The new version of MESLIS today however comes with a new Export feature which is slightly different to the already existing Export Routine.

The new CSV-Export feature brings a fair increase in productivity to some of our customers who required such a feature. Users can still apply all filter capabilities as they know them already to search for the precise leads they are interested in. It does not matter if these are just a couple, some hundred or even 1,000 leads. Once they have finished filtering and searching they stay in the same view and just klick on the CSV-Export Button and MESLIS will export all in this particular view shown leads immediately. The CSV-Export is available in Search Events and Search Location view.

The main differences to the normal export function in users Basket or Leaflets are:

  • MESLIS exports the exact set of columns the user has activated in his/her table view.
  • Only data per lead will be exported but no screenshot or other proof of evidence.
  • Although exported, all leads are still available for other users and other purposes in MESLIS.
  • There is no need to go through the workflow steps Search – Select – Process. CSV-Export is already available in Step 1: Search.

Beside the new CSV-Export feature here is a short list of other features we implemented in Release 3.1 and 3.2:

  • Opportunity to resize columns in tableView
  • Select element to focus bulk selection via click
  • Select multiple events in table via Shift+Click
  • Select single events in table via Strg+Click
  • Undo/redo recent selections via Strg+Z/Strg+Shift+Z
  • Hide the interactive sidebar in event and location workflow
  • Fields Event-URL, Location – Websites and Location – Emails are available in DetailView
  • Save searches added to Location Search
  • Columns ‘Location-eMails’, ‘Location-URLS’, ‘Organizer-eMails’ and ‘Organizer-URLS’ added to event search
  • Column and Filter ‘Location – Customer Status’ added to location search
  • Opening the Detailview of an event via doubleclick calls the original event via id.

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