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MESLIS Releases 2.0 to 2.1: Location Search launched


The big jump from Release 1.x to Release 2.x symbolizes an important development and great new feature in MESLIS. We are happy to announce the brand new “Location Search” in our Music-Event-System-Location-Ident-System. From today on it is possible to search either for specific Events but also and separately for specific locations within MESLIS. These are two major search approaches of our customers – Event Search / Location Search. A third approach – searching for specific organizers – will in 2020 be implemented in MESLIS.

The following highlights and many more features of Location Search will please our customers since they asked intently for these implementations:

  • The feature Location Search is now available under “search locations” in the main navigation bar.
  • Search and filter Locations by their properties in the “Search” step of the Location Search.
  • Filter Locations via the statistic properties “number of relevant events” and “number of irrelevant events.
  • Select and filter events per location in the “Select” step of the Location Search.
  • Explore and filter events by relevance and by location in the workflow (in Basket, Shelf, Discarded, Scrapped) in the “Select” step.
  • Navigate between different locations event list in the “Select” step via the Location Pager widget in the sidebar.
  • Process and export events inside the leaflets “Basket” and “Shelf” in the “Process” step of the Location Search

Picture: Workflow Step 1 – Search Locations and Statistic Properties

Picture: Workflow Step 2 – Select Location and Events per Location

Picture: Workflow Step 3 – Process and Export Events per Location

In Addition to the new Location Search we also shipped some bug fixes and some new features and functions. Here is an overview:

  • Events with multiple location customer IDs now shown separated by comma in the table view.
  • Button “Export All” exports all events in a leaflet correctly.
  • Support filter and ordering for Organizer Commercial ID in event search.
  • Support filter and ordering for Location ID &  filter for Location Customer ID in location search.
  • Selections and scroll position are now being remembered while switching between tableview and detailview.

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