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MESLIS Release 3.6/3.7: Search capabilities extended


We celebrated 1st birthday, refreshed MESLIS start page and shipped two new MESLIS releases in February 2020. We now provide quite a few more important new features in MESLIS to our global customers. Our latest implementations in MESLIS focused on users productivity and searching, filtering and selecting the precise data for licensing. See the new look and read a list of major new features now available in MESLIS.

We celebrated first birthday of our MESLIS WebApp in February this year. Therefore we used this occasion and the current release to refresh MESLIS starting page. Now it comes with some music related background pictures to our global MESLIS users. See for yourself how it looks like:

MESLIS Startpage

Picture: New look of MESLIS Start page

In addition to the new look we have of course implemented several new features, changes and improvements in the WebApp but also in the backend of MESLIS:


New features in MESLIS Location Search

  • New column ‘MESLIS events per year’ shows total numbers of MESLIS events per year for every single location for several years.
  • New column ‘Customer events per year’ shows total numbers of customer events per year for every single location for several years.
  • MESLIS user can compare number of MESLIS events with number of customer events per location to identify under licensed locations.
  • MESLIS user can define threshold to filter locations which exceed or fall below this threshold per year.
  • New column shows total number of events MESLIS has identified per location -> user can filter for certain threshold.


New filter capabilities

  • New filter option ‘exists’ in several keyword filters enables finding those events/locations for which a certain data field is set.
  • Some filter components have been redesigned. Easy switching between ‘contains one of’ and ‘doesn’t contain one of’ is now possible.
  • Introduced dropdown in filter widget for ‘contains all’ and ‘contains one of’ which will be applied on multiple keywords for certain fields.
  • Selecting additional filter option ‘contains only’ for exact matches of keywords in certain fields is now available.


New features to improve MESLIS users productivity

  • Undoing of last three actions of event-movement (e.g. moving events from ‘basket’ to ‘shelve’) is now possible for users.
  • New ‘User settings page’ was established providing password change and other options for individual user settings.
  • New ‘User setting’ for total number of data records to be loaded into any table view is now available.


New MESLIS Backend features

  • Improved data extraction from websites which use
  • Algorithm “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers” (BERT) has been improved to speed up data classification.


The next release is planned for March 2020. The focus for this upcoming release will be set on enhancing the event search in adding some columns, introducing an event processing status, improving data quality in identifying and merging location duplicates, introducing geographical regions for locations and much more.

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