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MESLIS Releases 1.6 to 1.7: Support for default ports


MESLIS Release 1.6 brings a significant relief to all network administrators working for our customers: MESLIS is now able to use any default https port so there is no longer any need to configure specific ports, change network or security configuration or even to install anything on the customer side. MESLIS comes as a pure Software-as-Service (SaaS) or Cloud-Application to all users on the customer side. The users receive the URL, their user name and password and start working with MESLIS immediately.

Beside this network changes some other important new features where shipped with our latest releases:

  • Exports in “My Selections” are now updated after about 10 seconds, allowing for updated data download on exports that were previously processing.
  • Selections are now correctly remembered while changing between tableview and detailview in the Select, Process and History tab.
  • Exports in “My Selections” are sorted by date and older exports are hidden by default.
  • Adding the possibility to search for “any” Event Tag.
  • Search & filter data records by event id using “Event – ID” field within the filter widget.
  • Sortable table columns for the leaflet views “Select” and “Basket”.

Every user has his or her own Basket in MESLIS to put Leads on which the user later wants to process and sometimes even export from MESLIS. So far it was only possible to export all leads, the user stored on the Basket. Many users asked us if it was possible to give the user the opportunity to export all or to export only selected data. We implemented this requirement and released it with Version 1.7 of MESLIS. The two pictures below show the difference.

Picture: Export Button (green) only allowed to export all data from Basket

Picture: Export Button (green) now allows to export selected or all data from Basket

We have many more user requirements and feature request to be implemented in MESLIS. So stay tuned and watch out our upcoming releases during the next weeks and months.

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