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MESLIS Release 5.6: New features to enhance user experience


We are pleased to announce the latest release of MESLIS 5.6, which comes packed with exciting new features designed to enhance user experience and improve overall functionality.

As the event market has recovered after the Corona pandemic, the number of events taking place is fortunately increasing again. This means more work for our clients. MESLIS therefore has, among other, a new function that indicates when a user already has an event organizer locked. This is then displayed accordingly as being locked by another user.

Furthermore, the MESLIS release 5.6 includes the following improvements:

  • Lock and unlock events
  • Lock and unlock organizers and related events
  • Possibility to assign dedicated organizers for events
  • Show users that an event or an and organizer is currently locked by another user
  • Improve usability for multi-selection with table view
  • Show number of hits for saved searches
  • Split the column “Event – State info” into dedicated columns: “Event – State”, “Event – Leaflet”, “Event – Last changing user” and “Event – Last action”
  • Quickfilter configuration is saved within regular filters
  • Smaller refinements of GUI elements such as blocks input in filter widget and placeholders

The release of MESLIS include also two important fixes:

  • Fixed the double-click behavior in location and organizer search

With MESLIS 5.6, we have addressed this issue and improved the double-click behavior in location and organizer search. Users can now double-click on a location or organizer with confidence, knowing that the system will respond as expected.

  • Fixed display issues when locking and unlocking events and organizers

With MESLIS 5.6, we have addressed this issue and improved the display when locking and unlocking events and organizers.

We are confident that MESLIS release 5.6 will enhance your experience with our product. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to improve MESLIS to meet your needs.

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