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1st MESLIS Campus Event in Amsterdam

July 14, 2022 ALL NEWS, allgemein, CULTURE & PUBLIC, MESLIS PUBLIC

The first MESLIS Campus Event took place from 6th to 7th July 2022 in Amsterdam. Five international Collective Management Organisations (CMO) came together for this two day event in the beautiful dutch capital. The agenda was packed with important and interesting topics around MESLIS ranging from workflows, best practices to objectives, key performance indicators and measuring results to strategic development of our highly specialised cloud service for global CMO.

At the beginning of 2022 deecoob implemented a new customer event series called “MESLIS Campus Event” to strengthen the relationship between us and our customers, the international CMO but also between the customers themselves.

With this event type we invite all customers to discuss and work out different topics to not only intensify our relationship rather than increasing the customer´s business value of MESLIS. The on-site event is supposed to take place once per year as 1-2 day workshops alternately in one of the international CMO locations. The topics to be worked on can be amended by the group of participants and enable them to influence further strategy and development of our software.



Today we are very proud to announce that the 1st MESLIS Campus Event took place in the beginning of July 2022 in Amsterdam. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic we managed to spend 2 days of hard work in person in the office building of our host Buma/Stemra, Sena & Scan to work together with our customers GEMA (Germany), Buma/Stemra, Sena & Scan (Netherlands), STIM (Sweden), IMRO (Ireland) and PPL PRS (United Kingdom).

During the event we discussed among others the following topics:

  • Learn how other CMO are working with MESLIS
  • Learn which objectives and results other CMO have in regards of MESLIS
  • Discover the MESLIS Product Roadmap and upcoming features
  • Understand the strategy of deecoob and MESLIS
  • Discuss current and future customer requirements for MESLIS development.

In addition to the intensive and insightful work, we invited our customers to a pleasant evening and dinner in the restaurant “Den Burgh” to also strengthen the personal exchange and networking.



Referring to what the CMO asked us to focus on in future development of MESLIS we can already share the following topics:

  • Crawl and provide Setlists in MESLIS
  • Crawl as many sources and data as possible – work out a Data Acquisition Strategy
  • Implement and provide Artists as new entity in MESLIS (besides events, locations, organisers)
  • Enable and support international tracking of music usage for data and royalty exchange between CMO

We are thankful for these valuable requests and will integrate these topics in our upcoming internal plans, evaluation, decisions and implementation.

Finally we want to thank all attendees for their inspiring and professional contributions through which the 1st MESLIS Campus Event was a full success for all.



After the workshop we received very positiv feedback from the participants. Here are some quotes: “The workshop was really useful and informative – thank you, and thank you for accommodating us.”, “Very interesting discussions.”, “Thank you again for the great event last week. We got a lot out of it and came out of it with a lot of good ideas.”



The 1st MESLIS Campus Event 2022 in Amsterdam was a perfect kick off for several further events and we are looking forward to the next one which is already in planning for spring 2023!

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