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2nd MESLIS Campus Event in Stockholm


The second MESLIS Campus Event took place from 25th to 26th April 2023 in Stockholm. Five international Collective Management Organisations (CMO) were thrilled to have had the opportunity again to convene at this two-day event in the stunning Swedish capital! We tackled a range of important topics ranging from the upcoming MESLIS development, Data Acquisition Strategy to the respective MESLIS workflow and best practise of each CMO.

At the beginning of 2022 deecoob implemented a new customer event series called “MESLIS Campus Event” to strengthen the relationship between us and our customers, the international CMO but also between the customers themselves. The first event took place in June 2022 in Amsterdam and was a perfect kickoff for all participants.

With this event type we invite all customers to discuss and work out different topics to not only intensify our relationship rather than increasing the customer´s business value of MESLIS. The on-site event is supposed to take place once per year as a 2 day workshops alternately in one of the international CMO locations. The topics to be worked on can be amended by the group of participants and enable them to influence further strategy and development of our software.

Today we are proud to announce that the 2nd MESLIS Campus Event was held in April 2023 in Stockholm. We spent 2 days of hard work in person in the office building of our host STIM to collaborate with our customers GEMA (Germany), Buma/Stemra, Sena & Scan (Netherlands), STIM (Sweden), IMRO (Ireland) and PPL PRS (United Kingdom).

During the course of the event, we had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of topics:

  • Learn the MESLIS workflow and best practise of each CMO
  • Get insights into the MESLIS Data Acquisition Strategy
  • Get to know the MESLIS Refactoring and Cloud Migration
  • Understand the most important MESLIS customer requirements

In addition to the productive work sessions, we were happy to invite our customers for a delightful evening and dinner at the restaurant “Pelikan”. This provided a wonderful opportunity for all participants to enjoy in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Finally we want to thank all attendees for their inspiring and professional contributions through which also the 2nd MESLIS Campus Event was a full success for all.

The 2nd MESLIS Campus Event, held in Stockholm in 2023, was a great success and set the stage for more exciting events in the years ahead.

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