“deecoob insight” – Smart data platform for crawling and processing of mass data

Powerful, flexible and customizable to your needs: “deecoob insight” – our smart data platform for automated procurement, analysis, processing and provision of mass data from various sources.

Our software scans predefined sources (e.g. websites, ePaper, social networks, databases) semi-automatically or fully automated for mass data, checks data for relevance and matches data with your customer, license or contract databases as well as other predefined sources.

How our smart data platform works:

With the help of our smart data platform, we automatically collect mass data from various public accessible digital sources. For this, we connect and configure the relevant sources as well as implement complex search and analysis procedures on our smart data platform deecoob insight.

Modern, intelligent search technologies (e.g. Elasticsearch) index, analyze and verify the collected data. Furthermore we use complex algorithms, text mining processes, methods of artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as linguistic, semantic, statistic, forensic and heuristic procedures to classify and cluster the unstructured data.

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Dashboards, charts and other forms of visualization give us and our customers the opportunity to continiously monitor the quality and quantity of the data, the performance of the platform as well as the performance of the manual data processing. Intelligent and meaningfull KPl´s (key performance indicators), which we define together with our customers, are the basis for visualization, strategic monitoring, good decisions and continuous improvements of data quantity and quality.

Various feedback loops, on the other hand, enable specific processes for machine learning, self-optimization based on artificial intelligence as well as continuous automatic refinement of filters. Also enabled are algorithms of the data platform as well as management improvements in the efficiency of the processing workflows.

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Our smart data platform offers you the following advantages:

It continuously collects mass data from predefined sources and saves the data locally for further processing.

It filters the data and text information that you need as a customer via multi-level, iterative software processes.

It provides an efficient basis for multi-level research campaigns, web crawling, benchmarks, user and usage monitoring, content and market observation as well as complex data analysis.

It offers a quick introduction to targeted research into new, future sources and media.

It is the tool for increasing sales and earnings, as well as developing innovative sources of income.

It is a control tool for the enforcement of copyright and exploitation rights or maintenance.

We at deecoob continually develop the smart data platform to provide you with the optimal technical basis for our solutions.

Important facts and figures about deecoob insight:

You are a copyright owner or a collecting society? You are active in the areas of industry, services, crafts, trade or public administration? The tool for your success is deecoob insight – the smart data platform from deecoob.

Decades of experience in various industries and sound knowledge of state-of-the-art research methods make us your best partner when it comes to discovering, analyzing and making use of large amounts of data.

You can now test our smart data platform without any commitment and convince yourself of the possibilities of our platform and technology!

This is how we find the most important data and records for

> 30.000.000 records

are continuously stored and processed

> 200.000 records

are collected and evaluated everv week

> 10.000 records

are qualified daily by more than 30 research professionals.

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