Reputation Reporting

The public perception of your company, product or service is critical for your success and often has a direct impact on the key performance indicators of your business. The internet is no longer only used for information research, but is also a first point of contact for the expression and exchange of assessments and opinions. Especially negative comments spread very quickly and often dominate the discussion.

Reputation Reporting is important for:

Companies, organizations and institutions who wish to monitor and actively manage the public perception of their organization, their products or services.

Reputation Reporting provides added value:

We provide you with an overview of your (digital) reputation and allow you to react quickly to negative comments about your company and in the worst case to prevent a shitstorm. In addition, with our monitoring and reporting, we promote communication with your target group and increase both revenues and customer satisfaction.

We Support you with:

Continuous benchmarking of your organization, products or services using current, realtime and realmarket data.

Creating competitive advantages:

  • Better public perception of your company, products, services through targeted monitoring of ratings and comments
  • Better features and functions than your competitors
  • Better public image and perception amongst the target groups
  • Targeted, strategic and clear positioning in the market (e.g. high-end vs. low-end, luxury vs. mass market, price-intensive vs. price value, etc.)
  • Increasing sales revenues and improving your margin
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Emphasizing the differentiation to competitors
  • Establishing and cultivating individual characteristics

Sources that we use to obtain and evaluate mass data for you:

Public sources: Websites, social networks, epaper, Twitter, online shops, shopping platforms, online catalogs, online directories, online portals, discussion forums, event calendars, Google Places, Open Street Map, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, company and industry register, personal registries, news portals, social media profiles, blogs, etc.

Your internal sources: Databases, specialised applications, online shop systems, content management systems, product specifications, enterprice ressource planning, customer relationship management, production control systems, intranet, extranet, wiki, discussion forums, blogs, archives, filesystems, cloud storage

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