Market Monitoring

You continuously need to keep an eye on your markets and your competitors. You want to recognize and follow new developments and trends. You always want to be at least one step ahead of your competition – this sounds simple but it is quite difficult to implement and practice in reality during your daily business. We do this job for you with our market monitoring

Market Monitoring is important for:

All companies which face strong competition, in particular health insurances, private banks, insurance companies, car manufacturers, food manufacturers, online shop operators, etc.

Market Monitoring provides added value:

It is important that you keep an eye on your competition in order to consistently develop your products, services, business processes and increase your efficiency. Continuous benchmarking of your own products, services, your platform and your sales and marketing strategies using current, realtime and realmarket data not only give you competitive advantages, but also increase your sales and success.

We Support you by:

Continuously benchmarking your products, services, platform or strategies using current, realtime and realmarket data.

Creating competitive advantages through:

  • Consistently better pricing than the competition
  • Better features and functions than the competition
  • Better sales promotion through optimal bundeling, discounting, special events
  • Better sales support through payment and shipping options, delivery times, shipping costs
  • Better public perception of your own products through targeted monitoring, ratings and comments
  • Increasing sales revenues and thus improving your margin
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

Sources that we use to obtain and evaluate mass data for you:

Public sources: Websites, social networks, epaper, Twitter, online shops, shopping platforms, online catalogs, online directories, online portals, discussion forums, event calendars, Google Places, Open Street Map, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, company and industry registers, personal registries, news portals, social media profiles, blogs, etc.

Your internal sources: Databases, specialised applications, online shop systems, content management systems, product specifications, enterprice ressource planning, customer relationship management, production control systems, intranet, extranet, wiki, discussion forums, blogs, archives, filesystems, cloud storage

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