Data Crawling

Information and data flow daily in large amounts to the internet and are available at any time and anywhere. The search for specific information is much more complex than ever and not only requires appropriate technical prerequisites, but also experts who can qualify and evaluate these gigantic amounts of data. For your individual research task deecoob offers self-developed Business Web Crawlers, also known as: Web Crawler, Spider, Webspider, SearchBot, Web Scraper, Data Scraping / Scraper or Web Extraction, Visual Scraping Software. With the so-called crawler technology, websites are visited, indexed and the text-based information is analyzed. Specific content can be searched and evaluated. If desired, even daily updates of information and trends can be produced and evaluated.

This is important: all results come without advertising information, without SEO manipulations, etc.
We search, find and store the information that conventional search engines like BING, ASK and Goo… do not provide.
Data is determined and stored in a structured form. Even if they are between several 10,000 and several million data records = BigData!

Purpose in the new digital world are, among other things, positive results:

– Content Marketing
– Consumer Analytics and
– Customer Experience.

Data Crawling is important for:

Companies, organizations, institutes, public and private institutions and associations

Data Crawling provides added value:

We analyze the market that is relevant for your organization and provide you with fast and flexible customer-specific data records. This way you are always up-to-date. It is the combination of competent software development, operating a software platform, performing software based research and manual processing which makes us unique for your advantage and success.

We Support you by:

  • Simple, fast, flexible and cost-effective procurement of defined mass data from digital sources
  • Qualification of the data through intelligent research and processing
  • Comprehensive reporting presenting facts, figures and results

Sources that we use to obtain and evaluate mass data for you:

Public sources: Websites, social networks, epaper,  Twitter, online shops, shopping platforms, online catalogs, online directories, online portals, discussion forums, event calendars, Google Places, Open Street Map, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, company and industry register, personal registries, news portals, social media profiles, blogs, etc.

Your internal sources: Databases, specialised applications, online shop systems, content management systems, product specifications, enterprice ressource planning, customer relationship management, production control systems, intranet, extranet, wiki, discussion forums, blogs, archives, filesystems, cloud storage

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