Data Analytics

The amount of data in companies is constantly growing. Decisions have to be made faster and faster and need to be based on intelligent interpretation of a broader base of data. However, the quality of decisions is often influenced by deficits in data standardization and data aggregation.

Data Analytics is important for:

Companies, organizations, institutes, public and private institutions and associations

Data Analytics provides added value:

We help you gain insights from your data and increase value to your business. We help you assess the performance and potential of your data. We analyze your data for hidden patterns or other useful information. This helps you to make well informed decisions for strategie management and create competitive advantages against the competition.

We Support you:

Sound, well founded strategic management, process management, product and portfolio development based on actual facts, figures and data from insight your company

Sources that we use to obtain and evaluate mass data for you:

Your internal sources: Databases, specialised applications, online shop systems, content management systems, product specifications, enterprice ressource planning, customer relationship management, production control systems, intranet, extranet, wiki, discussion forums, blogs, archives, filesystems, cloud storage

Public sources: Websites, social networks, epaper, Twitter, online shops, shopping platforms, online catalogs, online directories, online portals, discussion forums, event calendars, Google Places, Open Street Map, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, company and industry register, personal registries, news portals, social media profiles, blogs, etc.

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