Content Exploration

Blogposts, comments, ratings: There is an independent communication in blogs, shops and on many websites. Companies are not able to cope with the speed of this communication or even to control it. People use anonymity to spread fake news or virulant postings. We help customers monitor communication and keep it legitimate.

Content Exploration is important for:

  • Every operator of blogs, shops, online portals, social platforms and other websites with functions such as ranking, commenting, discussing
  • Institutions for cyber crime, justice, politics, science, public opinion, research
  • Survey, market and opinion research institutes
  • Public / private organizations, institutions, social, political and ethical organizations

Content Exploration provides added value:

We help you maintain a positive public image and improve the reputation of your company, online portals, service or products. We support you by recognizing, blocking and even prosecuting inaccurate comments, rankings or evaluations. With data and service from deecoob insight, you will find out more about your customers or target groups, learn about their needs and identify and control negative developments at an early stage.

We Support you by:

  • Taking responsibility, achieving positive perception, improving reputation, managing image – recognizing and counteracting untrustworthy comments or rankings (e.g. false information, false rankings, hate speech, mobbing, fake news, rabble-rousing, etc.)
  • Pursuing and reporting criminal offenses, securing evidence and filing charges
  • Recognising development of opinion, mood, image, trends at an erly stage
  • Continuously and sustainably maintaining image and perception of the company, service or products
  • Getting to know, analyzing and clustering users, customers, target and / or user groups
  • Identifying needs, deriving new features, test products, services and proposals

Sources that we use to obtain and evaluate mass data for you:

Public sources: Social networks, websites, online portals, online shops, news portals, blogs, discussion forums, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Your internal sources: Databases, specialised applications, online shop systems, content management systems, customer relationship management, intranet, extranet, wiki, discussion forums, blogs, archives, filesystems, cloud storage

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